Sunday, May 21, 2006

Garton Fire Dept. Sedan (7)

This Garton Fire Dept. Sedan is rusty but again it's all original. The original graphics and manufacturer sticker are all intact. It's in good working condition. It's all complete except for a pedal is missing and has been replaced with a wood block. And the wheel axel is bent.

Murray Ohio "Royal Deluxe" (6)

This Murray Ohio "Royal Deluxe" pedal caris all original and complete. It's a bit rusty but works fine. It's a chain drive as the side graphic says. It also says "Ball Bearing, Motor Tone Shift." The orginial manufacturer sticker is still intact as well.

Early 50's Sedan (5)

This chain drive sedan is rusty but has a great body shape. The seat area has been repaired and the old chain cover (seen on the ground in the pictures) has been replaced with a new one.